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(ITS#3581) BerkeleyDB libdb and db.h must match exactly

Full_Name: Villy Kruse
Version: 2.2.23
OS: Redhat 7.3
Submission from: (NULL) (

There are too many changes in db.h between minor versions of BerkeleyDB
to use a db.h from a different release than the libdb you will be linking with.

For example in db.h from version 4.1 you have this definition

#define   DB_INIT_MPOOL         0x004000  /* Initialize mpool. */

and in version 4.3 you have this definition

#define  DB_INIT_MPOOL         0x0008000 /* Initialize mpool. */
Current version test tests if the library version is greater than or equal to
the header version.  
If I compile with the version 4.1 header and the version 4.3 library I get
Segment violation when doing "make test".  Also some of the tests in configure
will get Segment violation.

Regards  Villy