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Re: (ITS#3548) --disable-sql doesn't seem to work

Seemant Kulleen wrote:

>My build script (gentoo ebuild in my overlay) contains this:
>    myconf="${myconf} --enable-backends=mod"
>So, I'm assuming that it builds all the backends even with mod?  Come to
>that, what IS the difference between yes and mod for --enable-backends?
--enable-backends enables all backends; the value "yes" means "yes, 
static"; the value "mod" means "yes, as run-time loadable module".  So 
--enable-backends="mod" means build all backends as modules, or fail. 
 Since you seem to be unable to build back-sql, I suggest you remove the 
--enable-modules switch and replace it with specific --enable-<backend> 
for those backends you really want to build.


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