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Re: (ITS#3539) System failure 2.2.23

Dear Kurt,

Thanks for your reply.

However, my remark was not intended to denote a bug, but to signal a remarkable difference in behavior between the two versions.

I have a test-system that crashes several times a day, running the latest kernel and other experimental software. OpenLDAP is used for all authentication. Bdb is used as database. After a crash, a system with version 2.2.19 would startup without any problems, but on a system with 2.2.23 OpenLDAP was not able to startup, rendering many applications useless.

I did have a look at the changelog to see if there was a change that could be the cause this behavior, but I couldn't find one.

It is no rule that software has to be crash-resistance, but it would be a comfortable feature !

Thanks again and thanks for a very good piece of software (Linux without OpenLDAP would have been useless for me).

Greetings, Alfred.

ps: there is also a very severe problem with nss_ldap > version 226 connecting with OpenLDAP, already reported by several users at PADL; unknown cause, but presumable related to persistent connections.