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Re: (ITS#3540) ldapsearch error :ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: no such object (32)

As your post appears to asking a software use question, the
ITS will be closed.  Please direct software use questions
(which you cannot find answers for in the documentation,
FAQ, archives, etc.) to an appropriate mailing list.


At 10:36 AM 2/15/2005, sanjay_c92@yahoo.com wrote:
>Full_Name: Sanjay Chakraborty
>Version: v3
>OS: Linux AS
>URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>if I use ldapsearch -LLL "(tjuCampusKey=abc123)" displayName it returns errors
>like ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: no such object (32) and if I run
>ldapsearch -x "(tjuCampusKey=abc123)" displayName it brings 
># extended LDIF
># LDAPv3
># base <> with scope sub
># filter: tjuCampusKey=abc123
># requesting: displayName 
># search result
>search: 2
>result: 32 No such object
>Any Idea