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Re: (ITS#2894) Infinite chasing of cycled V3 referrals/references

hello all,

I seem to be experiencing the same type of a problem, when using a
top-level subtree search (using root of the directory tree as the Base
DN) when running LDAP client application on the Active Directory machine
(domain controller). The Active Directory configuration seems to be more
or less a default one. 

I've managed to reproduce this problem with 'ldapsearch.exe' utility,
using downloaded OpenLDAP binaries 2.2.19 (from 'OpenLDAP for Win32'
site... http://lucas.bergmans.us/hacks/openldap/). 

>From command line, I've used: 

ldapsearch -C -b <base DN of the AD tree> -s sub -D <administrator
user's DN> -h <name of the machine we're currently on> -p 389 -w
<administrator's password> (sAMAccountName=Foo)

(Note: -C option results in ldap_set_option being called with
LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS as the option type and LDAP_OPT_ON as the value. )
Search commences, but seems to hang after:

# search reference
ref: ldap://adsson.FOO209.cow.moo/DC=adsson,DC=FOO209,DC=cow,DC=moo

# search reference
ref: ldap://ETACHILD.FOO209.cow.moo/DC=ETACHILD,DC=FOO209,DC=cow,DC=moo

For some strange reason this behaviour does not occur if the LDAP client
(such as 'ldapsearch.exe' utility) is run from a machine other than the
machine we're trying to connect to/perform a search on. Any help on the
matter would be much appreciated.

Greg Beresnev
Computer Associates
Software Engineer, eTrust Single Sign On
Phone:                     +61 3 8416 5858
E-Mail:                      Greg.Beresnev@ca.com