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Re: (ITS#3512) LDAP Sync Replication stops after single server failure

If you can use your saved copies of the database to reproduce this 
failure condition, it would be useful to see a debug log from a refresh 
session, to see what requests and responses were sent. Debug level 7 
should be enough to show the network data. Logs from both the provider 
and the consumer would help.

Darren Gamble wrote:

>Good day,
>>In OpenLDAP 2.3 there is a new LDAP_DEBUG_SYNC debug level 
>>used by the 
>>consumer. Nothing special for the provider.
>>You didn't mention whether you're using refreshOnly or 
>>refreshAndPersist; if using Persist mode you need to 
>>configure a retry 
>>parameter for the consumer otherwise no automatic retries occur.
>Sorry- we're using refreshOnly.  Here's the current syncrepl config, if it
>syncrepl rid=123
>        provider=ldap://A.B.C.D:389
>        type=refreshOnly
>        interval=00:00:05:00
>        searchbase="o=Shaw Cablesystems,c=CA"
>        scope=sub
>        schemachecking=on
>        updatedn="cn=consumeradmin,o=Shaw Cablesystems,c=CA"
>        bindmethod=simple
>        binddn="cn=admin,o=Shaw Cablesystems,c=CA"
>        credentials=xxxxxxx
>The updatedn is the consumer's rootdn.
>We have resynced all of our consumers back up to the provider, and
>replication seems to be fine now.  I am guessing that it will break again if
>this sort of thing happens to the provider again.  I made a copy of the
>provider's DB files, in case you'd like me to try anything to track the
>cause of the problem down...

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