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Re: Réf. : Re: ACLs Enhancements (ITS#3515)

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> OK
> 1) I send you a PDF version jean-etienne-schwartz-050125-dynacl.pdf
> 2) Yes, I resubmit it with the good name
> 3) For me dynamic means that ACL come with the current node, automatically
> (see pdf)

Yes, I think I got the overall idea.

>         a) the keyword we use is 'dynacl'

Same as in HEAD: "by dynacl/<custom name>[=<pattern>] <access>" triggers
using the run-time loadable checks.

>         b) and d) no interactions with ACI or SET

I don't mean there needs to be a direct interaction; likely patch
inbtegration will be harder.  In any case, I assume a contribution with
such a large impact should well harmonize with existing features...

I'll keep reading.


Pierangelo Masarati

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