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Re: (ITS#3513) back-meta hang

m.d.t.evans@qmul.ac.uk wrote:

>>>OS: Linux
What "Linux"?  I hav no clear indication, but could be platform dependent.

>>I'll need to check it; back-meta passed all my tests recently.  Does it
>>__always__ hang, or only some time?
>>  There's a fix in HEAD for hangs
>>related to thread exaustion when the target and the meta are the same DSA;
>>if this is the case, a quick fix is to increase the "threads" parameter in
>>slapd.conf.  In the meanwhile, you can obtain the same results with
>>back-ldap: use the same configuration, only remove the "DN" portion of the
>I don't need a quick fix, the configuration above is a simplified
>example. Though, I can confirm that it works with back-ldap as you
I can confirm it works as expected in current RE22, which is essentially 
2.2.23 (and identical to 2.2.21 wrt/ back-meta).

>I'd be glad to provide any more info you may need.
At this point I'm afrad the details of your configuration/client request 
might be essential.  I suggest you produce a reduced version of your 
slapd.conf and ldap.conf that presents the problem without any sensitive 
information.  Also, a log from your attempts with -d -1 (maybe reduced 
to just one full operation up to the hang) could be of help.  I wonder 
if you can run slapd under gdb, interrupt it when it hangs and provide a 
"thread apply all bt".  You should work with 2.2.23, since you already 
compiled it, so that in case of problems it's easier to port the 
solution into RE22.  back-meta received some reworking since 2.2.20.


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