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(ITS#3512) LDAP Sync Replication stops after single server failure

Full_Name: Darren Gamble
Version: 2.2.20
OS: Linux (2.6.9 kernel)
Submission from: (NULL) (

A few days ago, we had our ldapsync provider slapd fail due to too many open
files (unable to open hosts.allow).

We restarted the service and increased the maximum number of open files on the
machine, to prevent that from happening again.

However, after the failure, LDAP Sync Replication appears to have stopped.  Now,
none of the entries added to the provider server are replicated to any of the
slaves.  There is no information on this in the ldap logs, which are set to the
default logging level.

Deleting the LDAP database directory (save for DB_CONFIG) on a consumer and
resyncing it causes it to get the entries its missed, and also allows it to get
future changes.  I'm guessing we can do this on each of our slaves to recover,
but we have a very large number of them, so (safely) recovering from this will
take some time.

Is there a log level that would provide more information on why the entries
aren't replicated, or any other information on why syncrepl has stopped?