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Re: (ITS#3501)

Le Vendredi 21 Janvier 2005 08:39, vous avez écrit :
> Did you run the client (ldapsearch w/o -x)?  Do you confirm you're using
> version 2.2.20?  Unless you can reproduce the crash under gdb, there's
> very little we can do to track your problem.  Make sure you run a
> non-stripped slapd (as it already appears to be) with exactly the same
> arguments and environment that was in use when it crashed.  I recall
> that in your initial report you used -d 99 as debug level; I suggest you
> keep using exactly the same settings, since the log level might be part
> of the problem.  In this case, a different log level might trigger a
> different problem.  You can get the stack of all threads at once using
> "thread apply all backtrace".  See gdb's help for specific commands.

Yes , 2.2.20 just compiled from source.
Debug level doesn't play anything (tried d1 d2 ...)
-x, do not uses auth, no segfault

Will try again to use gdb.
If not successfull, will add some more 'printf' around
the 'sasl.c' code...

Maybe problem is inside some libsasl ? A bad call to
it. I really need to learn gdb !!!!

But tonight....