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Re: (ITS#3499) back-meta doesn't map objectClasses during add

> back-meta in 2.2/2.3/HEAD doesn't map objectClasses during adds; back-ldap
> suffers from the same limitation up to 2.2; the rwm overlay, which is used
> since
> 2.3, cured the problem.  A backport for back-ldap and a feature extension
> for
> back-meta is required.

The situation seems to be a little worse: the problem exists in modify as
well, and apparently it also affects the rwm overlay.  I've just fixed
back-meta in HEAD, and will fix the rest shortly.  Attribute mapping is
not affected, only objectClass and only in updates.

I note that no tests with attribute, and significanlty objectClass mapping
have been implemented so far in the test suite.  I'll work at that as well
as soon as I get everything working.


Pierangelo Masarati

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