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RE: No entries replicated with syncrepl (refreshOnly) (ITS#3476)

> The consumer uses the rootdn to write the consumer's 
> database. If the rootdn is
> not defined, then the consumer will be anonymous. This aspect 
> of the consumer
> code has never changed throughout 2.2. If it worked before, 
> that was a bug.

That's not what the 2.2 Admin guide says.  It says, following the example:

"The consumer will write to its database with the privilege of the
cn=replica,dc=example,dc=com entry as specified in the updatedn= directive.
The updatedn entry should have write permission to the replica content."

So according to it, it uses the updatedn directive (in the syncrepl
directive), not the rootdn directive.

Is this an error in the Admin Guide?  If so, what is the updatedn directive
used for?

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