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Re: (ITS#3467) URL parsing routines non symmetric; generated URL strings unusable

  According to RFC 2396's reserved chars,


should be rewritten as


while a path "/var/lib/ldap/sock" should appear in a ldapi URI as


None of them are currently rewritten like that by the URI handling 
routines.  However, I think that while the latter is likely to 
mandatorily be parsed correctly, the former is not advisable.  In this 
case a reasonable interpretation is that each portion of the LDAP URI 
have its own set of "reserved" chars, i.e. those that must be escaped to 
pervent erroneous interpretations.  For instance, the <host> portion 
should consider '/' as reserved, because it's the separator at the end 
of the [<host>][:<port>] portion; the '?' should be reserved in the <dn> 
and in the <filter> (it's meaningless in <attrs> and <scope>).  Finally, 
I note that the values in each of the <attrs>, if present, get the 
commas ',' escaped.  I think commas should not be treated specially, 
since they cannot appear in attribute descriptions; I'd rather treat 
them as errors.

The patch is at 


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