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Re: (ITS#3474) test026 fails

This test fails for me with Solaris as well:

ldapsearch failed (255)!
>>>>> ./scripts/test026-dn failed (exit 255)
make[2]: *** [bdb-yes] Error 255
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/build/openldap-2.3.0alpha/tests'
make[1]: *** [test] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/build/openldap-2.3.0alpha/tests'
make: *** [test] Error 2

from tests/testrun/slapd.1.log:

<= ldap_dn2bv(cn=unescaped equals,ou=ldapv3,dc=example,dc=com)=0 Success
<<< dnPrettyNormal: <cn=Unescaped Equals,ou=LDAPv3,dc=example,dc=com>, 
<cn=unescaped equals,ou=ldapv3,dc=example,dc=com>
do_add: dn (cn=Unescaped Equals,ou=LDAPv3,dc=example,dc=com)
ber_scanf fmt ({m{W}}) ber:
ber_scanf fmt ({m{W}}) ber:
ber_scanf fmt ({m{W}}) ber:
ber_scanf fmt ({m{W}}) ber:
ber_scanf fmt (}) ber:
conn=1 op=5 ADD dn="cn=Unescaped Equals,ou=LDAPv3,dc=example,dc=com"
>>> dnPretty: <cn=Unescaped Equals,ou=LDAPv3,dc=example,dc=com>
=> ldap_bv2dn(cn=Unescaped Equals,ou=LDAPv3,dc=example,dc=com,0)
<= ldap_bv2dn(cn=Unescaped Equals,ou=LDAPv3,dc=example,dc=com)=0 Success
=> ldap_dn2bv(272)
<= ldap_dn2bv(cn=Unescaped Equals,ou=LDAPv3,dc=example,dc=com)=0 Success
<<< dnPretty: <cn=Unescaped Equals,ou=LDAPv3,dc=example,dc=com>
>>> dnPretty: <cn=A*x=b is a linear algebra 
=> ldap_bv2dn(cn=A*x=b is a linear algebra 
<= ldap_bv2dn(cn=A*x=b is a linear algebra 
problem,ou=LDAPv3,dc=example,dc=com)=-4 Decoding error
send_ldap_result: conn=1 op=5 p=3
send_ldap_result: err=21 matched="" text="member: value #1 invalid per 
send_ldap_response: msgid=6 tag=105 err=21
ber_flush: 49 bytes to sd 10
conn=1 op=5 RESULT tag=105 err=21 text=member: value #1 invalid per syntax
connection_get(10): got connid=1
connection_read(10): checking for input on id=1


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