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Re: Unable to archive BDB logs

Robert Wentworth wrote:

I'm running Openldap 2.2.17 and BDB 4.2.52. The issue I'm seeing
is that once slapd is started the logs are never freed for archive.
Checkpoint is configured in slapd.conf to run every 15 minutes and
db_stat shows that the checkpoints are occurring. I get one or
two new logs a day and at db_archive will not show them available
for archive until slapd is restarted. I know this didn't occur on
2.1.30. Is there a workaround or fix other then restarting slapd?
I've check the latest change log in 2.2.20 but nothing seemed to
describe this.

It has to do with db 4.2; you need to use db 4.3 or dig out of the archives a patch to db 4.2.52 that was prepared by Howard Chu.


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