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Re: (ITS#3455) test030-relay failure

My fault: s/cn=/ou=/ in the search base.  In any case, since it appears 
you don't get any error when adding/modifying the referral, I'd expect 
something to show up.  The exact search the test is performing is

../clients/tools/ldapsearch -P 3 -x -LLL -h localhost -p 9011 -b 
dc=example,dc=com '(objectClass=referral)' '*' ref -e manageDSAit

I'd expect something to show up with the DN 
"ou=Referrals,dc=example,dc=com"; I suggest you play around with the 
above to see if you get anything.  Wait a moment: is your libc's 
getopt(3) fine with th order of the arguments, i.e. the -e manageDSAit 
at the end?  I'll move it earlier in the test.

Ciao, p.

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