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Re: (ITS#3454) slapcat splits long items in its output


And I note that test001 input includes cases of folded input
to ensure slapadd(8) works properly.  If test001 is failing on
your box, you should investigate and, as appropriate, file
another report.  This report will be closed as slapcat(8)
is behaving as intended.


At 05:29 AM 12/29/2004, ando@sys-net.it wrote:

>> Well, I would understand that in case of terminal output but why does it
>> behave the same way if the output is a file (-l option)? The file is then
>> useless as backup - slapadd fails to read it and I have to go and manually
>> (or using some script) search where the problem occured and fix it. With a
>> large LDAP database it is quite annoying.
>slapadd is supposed to read the output of slapcat.  If it doesn't, then
>it's a bug.  slapcat is working as expected, i.e. it's generating valid
>LDIF output.
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