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Re: (ITS#3425) HEAD fails to replicate newer provider entries over older repliac entries

Howard Chu wrote:

> hyc@symas.com wrote:
>> OK, I see. The provider is doing the right thing. The consumer is
>> failing to update the entry. It receives the new entry from the 
>> provider and searches for an existing entry with the same entryUUID. 
>> Since you have recreated the entry on the provider, the entryUUID no 
>> longer matches the one on the consumer. The consumer finds no match, 
>> and then tries to Add the target entry, but then gets "Already 
>> Exists" because an entry with the same DN does exist, and it stops at 
>> that point. Will patch the consumer soon.
> Nope, that wasn't it. The consumer is already fixed to address this 
> possibility, and my own tests showed that the patched consumer works 
> as intended. Not sure what's going on in your trace. Is the consumer 
> running an up to date build?
It was the consumer after all. I've patched that and extended test018 to 
exercise this behavior.

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