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Re: (ITS#3421) Replication problem with slurpd

Selon Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it>:

> In principle, the results of ldapsearch should be comparable with
> diff 
> to see what's missing; then you should be able to look at the logs of
> all the servers (and of the slurpds) and trace what happened to those
> entries.  If the entries don't get written/returned in the same
> order, 
> you may need to ldapsearch with -S "" (the empty string) to sort
> entries 
> by DN.

In fact we have written some perl scripts to see what entries are 
missing. But in slurpd logs I don't see any problem. Maybe I'm wrong in 
my configuration of slurpd's logs. Could you tell me how to do it 
properly ?

> Unless you provide indications as of to reproduce the problem, I
> suggest 
> you investigate as above.  Also, you should specify what version
> causes 
> the problem; note that unless it can be reproduced with the latest 
> release, it is unlikely that it gets fixed or even traced to the root
> cause.

I have the problem every night with OpenLDAP 2.2.11 and according to 
CHANGES file, there were no significant modifications on slurpd since 
this release. But I know this report is not enough complete to 
reproduce the bug, that's why I'm asking informations to track it.