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Re: Slapd.conf(5) not found after dowloading

Manila Chhotray wrote:

After downloading OpenLDAP server, i am trying to configure the slapd.conf(5) for TLS confuguaration and Sasl.I have a slapd.conf , but that is completely different from the configuartion of slapd.conf(5) given n the administration guide.And slapd.conf that I have ,also says to see details in slapd.conf (5).

"slapd.conf(5)" means: "man page of slapd.conf", section 5 of man page. You need to write your own slapd.conf file, following instructions in the Admin Guide and/or in slapd.conf man page. The man page is wherever you installed it, or, in the dource tree, in doc/man/man5.


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