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Re: (ITS#3407) run ldapdelete with log output, slapd core dumped

>> However there's a couple of quick checks you can make: is there any
>> attribute in your mapping with an empty delete rule in ldap_at_mappings?
> I had did the test with all the default stable *.sql definition,

I have no idea of what "default stable *.sql definition" means; can you
answer my question?  Is there any definition in the "ldap_attr_mappings"
table you're using with an empty (i.e. NULL) "delete_rule" field?  For
most RDBMSes you can run "select delete_rule from ldap_attr_mappings;"
from whatever command line client and count how many NULL fields you see.

> By gdb, I think I cannot get more useful information than by xcrash tool.

At least, gdb tells you which line of which file each function call
occurred.  I'm confident xcrash can do it as well, but I have no idea of
how to do it.


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