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Re: (ITS#3398) Problem compiling CVS version

On Wed, 2004-11-17 at 19:40, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> >Just to let you know that the current CVS version of
> >servers/slapd/back-monitor/database.c fails to build on Solaris 9 x86
> >because the constant PATH_MAX is undefined.  This constant doesn't
> seem
> >to be referenced anywhere else in the sources other than database.c. 
> Replacing
> >PATH_MAX  with a real value allows everything to build ok
> >  
> >
> Already hacked; please test. p.

Thanks for that.  I haven't yet had an opportunity to compile (as I've
got other things compiling), however it certainly looks like it should
fix it.
Having done a little more digging it appears that PATH_MAX is defined on
Solaris 9 in /usr/include/limits.h.  I wonder whether...

#ifndef _LIMITS_H
#include <limits.h>

At some point may be a better solution (esp as limits.h on my system
defines PATH_MAX as 1024).  I suspect the if/endif isn't necessary, but
C isn't my first language.

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