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Re: (ITS#3395) rw-overlay is not rewriting

OK, due to the current overlay loading design, it appears that we cannot
have all the options I expected.  Since most of them were only advisable
to ease transition from the original back-ldap with builtin rewrite to the
new back-ldap with overlay delegated rewrite, I don't think this is a
problem.  We can either:
1) require rewriting be explicitly requested by using the "overlay rwm"
  1.a) this is already in place when the rewrite directive are prefixed by
"rwm-", according to the man page.  This is the cleanest solution, in my
  1.b) this is not currently done when the "legacy" rewrite directives are
used, i.e. not prefixed by "rwm-";
2) automatically load the overlay (if available) as soon as one of the
legacy directives are hit; this is already in place.

I think we can easily allow cases (1.a) and (1.b) __OR__ cases (1.a) and
(2) but not all.

I think we should definitely allow case (1.a), which is the most correct;
case (1.b) can be safely discarded in my opinion.  Case (2) is of interest
for the transition phase, but could be safely dropped at some point.

The overlay configuration could be worked around to allow all, I'm pretty
sure, but I don't think it's worth.

Of course, based on the selection, the slapd-ldap(5) and slapo-rwm(5) man
pages need be changed accordingly.



Pierangelo Masarati

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