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Re: Quick practical observation re DBD default configuration

Howard Chu wrote:


Thanks. I'd read these pages several times.

My goal was really more just to offer a practical observation that
a certain amount of fussing seems to be necessary in order to go
from a base installation to a usable configuration.

I am virtually certain that most new OpenLDAP administrators would
not understand how to go from an inability to allocate space from
a buffer cache to a cache setting in a DB_CONFIG file that doesn't
yet exist.

The LDIF load I did was only of a few thousand objects.  This was
with the latest Berkeley DB.

My sense (not as an OpenLDAP develper [which I'm not], but as a
programmer who's done work in other areas) is that the default
configuration of OpenLDAP and the BDB back end - if it's possible
to do so - would benefit from a slightly more admin-friendly
default setup.

When I've been involved in software projects, I've found that I
quickly get so 'pickled' in the documentation and setup that I
lose a sense of how normal, intelligent (albeit beginner) admins
think.  Things that are obvious to me (one would hope) may seem
quite inscrutable to them.  Some of this is inevitable.

I hope this note will be helpful.

If not, I'm sorry.


Richard Goerwitz                               richard@Goerwitz.COM
tel: 507 645 7015