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RE: Crash on recursive rebind following referral (ITS#3359)

Ah, now I understand what is going on. All the functions that I listed (with
one exception - see below) pass NULL for the timeout to ldap_result and
hence do not expect a zero return code. However, my port is an embedded LDAP
client running under vxWorks, and we cannot have an infinite timeout in
embedded code (we do not want to lock up the LDAP task) and so I have
changed ldap_int_select() in my port to use a default timeout if none is
specified. Hence my port is returning a timeout error to code that is not
equipped to handle it.

I can change my port to allow for this if you do not want to change the main
code base. It looks like what I need to do to handle the timeout is as per
function ldap_search_st() which has code to explicitly handle a timeout
return from ldap_result().

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> From: Kurt D. Zeilenga [mailto:Kurt@OpenLDAP.org] 
> I note, as timeout parameter is specified as NULL here,
> return of 0 (timeout) should not be possible here.