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RE: Crash on recursive rebind following referral (ITS#3359)

At 10:01 AM 10/11/2004, ipuleston@SonicWALL.com wrote:
>OK, in that case I think that the bug is probably in ldap_sasl_bind_s which
>takes anything other than -1 returned from ldap_result as success. The
>following is the relevant piece of code in that function:
>        if ( ldap_result( ld, msgid, 1, NULL, &result ) == -1 ) {
>                return( ld->ld_errno ); /* ldap_result sets ld_errno */
>        }
>Which should probably be changed to "<= 0". I'll try that.

I note, as timeout parameter is specified as NULL here,
return of 0 (timeout) should not be possible here.