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Re: Double referral not handled properly (ITS#3361)

ipuleston@SonicWALL.com wrote:

>OK, thanks. I can avoid having OpenLDAP trying to process referrals
>during binds by having my ldo_rebind_proc() function return an error if
>it is called during a bind.
That sounds good. I believe we can close this ITS then.

>The server that I am using, by the way, is the Windows port of OpenLDAP
>server which is based off 2.1.29.
This is off-topic, but... I'm not sure which "the Windows port" you're 
referring to since the OpenLDAP project doesn't provide binaries for any 
of its supported platforms. I'll note that Symas' CDS 2.x product line 
includes OpenLDAP 2.2 binaries for Windows.

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