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Note also that if I repeat the search without unbinding from the primary
LDAP server first, then it completes properly without these extra steps:

Time      Source    Destination Info
0.000000  Client    Server_A    MsgId=11 Search Request, Base DN=dc= ...
0.000824  Server_A  Client      MsgId=11 Search Result, Referral
0.143237  Client    Server_B    MsgId=12 Search Request, Base DN=dc= ...
0.145177  Server_B  Client      MsgId=12 Search Result, Referral
0.372083  Client    Server_C    MsgId=14 Bind Request
0.433608  Server_C  Client      MsgId=14 Bind Result
0.510212  Client    Server_C    MsgId=13 Search Request, Base DN=dc= ...
0.675337  Server_C  Client      MsgId=13 Search Entry
0.693329  Server_C  Client      MsgId=13 Search Result
0.810057  client    Server_C    MsgId=15 Unbind Request