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Re: Replica Master-Slave : Slave accepts update requests

This is probably a misconfiguration (e.g. rootdn == updatedn), or you're
writing to the slave with the updatedn identity.  In any case, 2.0 is
historic, so even if it were a bug it's not going to be solved anytime.
Upgrade to 2.2 and see if the problem persists.


> Hi everyone,
> I've got OpenLDAP 2.0.27 installed on GNU/Linux 2.4 (Redhat).
> The 1st is the master for openldap, the 2nd is the slave.
> Updates on master are correctly replicated to the the slave.
> The problem is when slapd is stopped on the master : the slave server
> accepts
> requests for updates (that it shouldn't accept) that are not replicated to
> the
> master when slapd is restarted on it. Then i've got 2 different versions
> of the
> directory.
> Did anyone encounter that problem and get an issue or an explanation ?
> Thanks to all.

Pierangelo Masarati

    SysNet - via Dossi,8 27100 Pavia Tel: +390382573859 Fax: +390382476497