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Re: BDB recover problem after unnormally system shutdown (ITS#3355)

One more info:
I've discovered that lost entries *is* in id2entry.bdb file, but
ldapsearch can't display it.(I was deconcentrated at Friday, sorry.)
If I run
db_dump -h . -p id2entry.bdb > dump.txt

I see on of my lost entries as last entry in dump!
(I've verified: I'm using proper DB utility. I've compiled it from

Is there any way to test why ldapsearch can't find this entry in LDAP? I
set loglevel in slapd to 128 but doesn't help.


10/1/2004 -n, "Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> irta:

>This appears to be either a software use issue (in
>regards to Berkeley DB tools) or possibly a bug in
>Berkeley DB.  I see nothing that would indicate to
>me that this is due to a bug in OpenLDAP Software.
>Anyways, I suggest you first make sure your
>environment is proper.  For instance, verify that
>the version of db_recover you are using comes from
>the some release of Berkeley DB that you configured
>OpenLDAP to use.  Beyond that, you might contact
>the folks at Sleepycat <http://www.sleepycat.com>
>for assistance, our use one of the mailing lists
>they have established for Berkeley DB.


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