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Re: syncrepl (refreshAndPersist) consumer cannot reconnect after provider

Jong-Hyuk wrote:

The default behavior of syncrepl consumer is to stop replication thread when
it cannot connect to the provider.

You can configure consumer to retry by specifying a syncrepl directive as

   retry="RetryInterval1 RetryNum1 RetryInterval2 RetryNum2 ... "

For example,

   retry="60 10 300 20"

lets syncrepl consumer retry every 60 seconds for the first 10 times
and then retry every 300 seconds for the next 20 times before stop retrying.

   retry="60 10 300 +"

Here, + means the second retry (with 300 sec interval) will continue until
success for the indefinite number of retries.

This syncrepl directive is yet to be documented in the admin guide.


on a (partially) related note, I just committed some cleanup in syncrepl config
parsing and syncrepl.c in general. I noted what directives seem to be present
but undocumented and what seem to be #defined but not even used by the code.
Hope I didn't mess things too much.


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