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Re: slapd not logging to syslog (ITS#3331)

Hi Kurt

I believe this is a problem with Openldap.

I upgraded from version 2.2.13 to 2.2.17. It was working fine on the old 
version. I have not changed the configuration file at all and built the 
new version with exactly the same configure options and the same 
versions of the underlying libraries.

With "loglevel" set to 256 within slapd.conf no logging takes place 
within the log file. If I run slapd from the command line with the "-d" 
option, the process is logging as expected to the log file.

The OS is RHEL 3.0. The syslogd.conf entry is...

local4.debug  /var/log/ldap

Bill Edmunds, IT Services, University of Exeter

Kurt Zeilenga wrote:

> Do you believe this problem due to a bug in OpenLDAP
> Software?  If so, why?  Given that no other person
> has reported such, I suspect the problem more likely
> due to either how you built OpenLDAP Software and/or
> how you have configured things.
> Kurt