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Re: serious concurrecy problem openldap on redhat AS

Maxi lubian wrote:


We are experience serious problems with our OpenLDAP on our
Linux Redhat AS EE 3.0.
We run an openldap v 2.0.27 on a dual machine with 2.5 GB memory.

How surprising.

We have 80.000 entries in a ldbm backend database and cant make
search and modify cuncurrently. This causes serious problems when large
reads are made that take aprox 4-5 min. During those reads we cant make any
writes and the client that tries to do so hangs until the read is finished.

This is a known characteristic of back-ldbm. Since your OpenLDAP release is about 2 years old and two generations out of date, you probably should upgrade to a modern release (2.2.17) and use back-bdb or back-hdb instead.

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