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Re: LDAP API fails to honor timeouts (ITS#3322)

At 01:32 PM 9/7/2004, quanah@stanford.edu wrote:
>--On Tuesday, September 07, 2004 1:28 PM -0700 "Kurt D. Zeilenga" 
><Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> wrote:
>> The timelimit you specified (via -l) is not a client
>> side API timeout.  The timelimit value is sent to
>> the server and indicates to the server that a
>> timeExceeded error should be returned if the operation
>> takes longer than the limit.  If this error occurs,
>> the API, as it would any other error, passes it to
>> the calling application.
>> The API does have a (limited) timeout capability, but
>> that's not be used here.

So, I'll close this issue.

>so what should be done in the case where slapd is holding port 389 
>open, but is completely unresponsive?  I don't think having clients wait 
>forever is really the correct solution. ;)

The API is (at least in this particular case) doing what the
client asked it to do, wait forever.  

>Especially given its effect on slurpd.

If the client wanted the API to time out, in should have
specified such.  (It might be appropriate for slurpd to
specify a timeout, but that's another matter.)

>I had to kill -9 slurpd because it won't shut down normally in 
>this instance.

Okay, but that in itself doesn't reflect a bug in the library.