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Re: syncrepl stops spontaneously (ITS#3309)

hyc@symas.com wrote:

>I think I've found at least part of the problem. Testing it out now.
>Delete operations aren't propagating because the entryCSN of the deleted 
>entry hasn't been updated in the cache. When the cached entry is checked 
>by test_filter() its CSN is still "old" so the entry is ignored.
Unfortunately my fix causes a memory leak in the pending csn list 
because I didn't notice that the frontend already grabbed a CSN (and 
promptly discarded it) for the same operation. I'm testing a new fix 
which adds a req_delete_s structure to the Operation structure to carry 
this csn so that any backend can use it. This wrinkle is going to make 
it difficult to break out syncrepl provider support into its own overlay 
down the road, but we can worry about that later.

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