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Re: Syncrepl nits with operational attributes (ITS#3289)

Luke Howard wrote:

>>Maybe better would be for syncrepl to have a hardcoded list of 
>>attributes that it ignores - e.g., all values that we know are 
>>dynamically generated (like hasSubordinates) and all values that are 
>>DSA-specific (e.g. subschemaSubentry), so that attrs=*,+ will work 
>>without hassles.
>Another approach that we use is to not return computed (dynamic)
>operational attributes if the sync control is present. But I also
>think that you do not want dynamic attributes to in any case be
>printed to disk.
I'm undecided on whether a slapd provider should omit those attributes 
in the actual search response (it's easy enough to surround the 
backend_operational call with "if (!op->o_sync)") but definitely agree 
they should not be saved by the consumer.

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