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Re: (ITS#3237) Commenting preceeding config line breaks

> RedHat 7.3
> OpenLDAP 2.0.27-2.7.3
> Commenting the line immediately preceeding a attributetype declaration in
> the
> config file results in an error when starting slapd which says that the
> attribute does not exist.

Can you show an example?

> The message is:
> AttributeType not found: "attributename"
> The line number referenced is that which declares the objectclass which
> uses
> the attribute.

The error is noticed only when the (undefined) attributeType is used first.
What is logged when parsing that attributeType?

> Placing a blank line into the config before the "attributename' line is a
> workaround.
> I know this is an old version, but RH has this habit of not updating
> version
> numbers
> past their initial OS release so it may not be as old as it looks.
> Meanwhile, I
> don't see the error reported in the bug tracking system and figured that
> perhaps
> not that many people are defining their own attributes so you may not have
> heard.

Of course this version has not been supported since 2002 or so; if the
same error occurs with HEAD, then it'll surely be fixed, but there's no
way such an old and historic release be patched.  If the error doesn't
show up in HEAD (and I couldn't reproduce it), I suggest you try to figure
out how it was fixed and produce a patch for 2.0.X; I'm sure RedHat will
be happy to use it in their distributions.


Pierangelo Masarati

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