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Re: (ITS#3227)

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Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>>OK.  I recompiled with "--enable-threads=no" and still get crashes.
>>Should that eliminate threads as a problem?
> There's no --enable-threads switch in OpenLDAP's configure.  There's a
> --with-threads one.


> In any case, I think back-ldap definitely needs threads and, provided the
> system threads are not buggy, their use with slapd should be relatively
> safe and beneficial in all cases.  I think you just need to boost the
> number of simultaneous threads your slapd can handle.  The default is 16,
> and if you want to deal with 512 simultaneous connections you could try
> "threads 64" or "threads 128" (if your hardware can stand it, i.e. you are
> using a 2/4 CPU system with a lot of ram and overall good performance,
> including network bandwidth).  Otherwise, you cannot simply accept so many
> simultaneous connections with your hardware, sigsegv or not.

Excellent.  With "threads 128" our dual CPU (+SMP) machine handled the 
4500 test queries without crashing!

We've actually been having our production LDAP server crash all the time 
(at least once a day) due to what I'm hoping is this problem.  I'm going 
to increase the number of threads there and see if that helps.

Here is a theory for you:

Does the BDB backend accept queries only as fast as it can actually 
resolve them, whereas the LDAP backend accepts queries as soon as they 
are received and start queuing them up?

            John Borwick
        Systems Administrator
       Wake Forest University | web  http://www.wfu.edu/~borwicjh
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