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re: slapd crashes after successful search (ITS#3224)

At 09:03 AM 7/10/2004, cspurgeon@tuxnology.com wrote:
>I have solved this.
>I use PAM for authentication with PADL pam_ldap. Running ldd on 
>I found that it refers to libldap.so.2 and liblber.so.2.
>Openldap 2.2.14 installation creates a symlink named libldap.so pointing 
>to libldap-2.2.so.7 and a similar
>symlink for liblber.so. No symlinks are created for these that end in .so.2.

As intended.  2.1 and 2.2 do not have compatible ABIs.

>My Openldap 2.1.30 had such symlinks, and this caused PAM to refer to 
>the 2.1.30 libraries instead
>of the 2.2.14 libs. Fixing the symlinks fixed the problem.

Creating such symlinks will cause failures due to ABI incompatibilities.

Your original problem appears to be due linking slapd(8) with
libraries requiring incompatible versions of dependent libraries.

This is not a bug in OpenLDAP Software, but a problem with your
operating environment.