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Re: bdb db / cache locking problem (ITS#3201)

Hmm... but that does not explain the original ITS because only adds were
Then, does it mean that the entryinfo is not protected while entry itself is
protected by the transaction ?
- Jong-Hyuk

> OK... I've duplicated this problem by running test008 with cachesize set
> to 2 entries. modrdn crashes consistently in this case.
> The problem is that the cache only uses locking to determine whether an
> entry is idle or not, but locks only protect us from interference from
> other threads. In the case of modrdn, it is this operation itself,
> within a single thread, that is touching many entries and so churning
> the entry cache. Looks like we need to add a refcounter back to the
> EntryInfo. (slaps forehead...)