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Re: bdb db / cache locking problem (ITS#3201)

> Is there any way for you to repeat this test on a different version of
> Linux?

This test was run on RedHat 9 on an IBM Blade server node which has two HT
Xeon processors (so four processors to OS). I'll try to repeat on a
different version of RedHat.

> I wonder if this problem shows up sooner if you have a very small entry
> cache set.

I tried two entry cache sizes. small (1000) and large (32K - which covers
By now, I could observe this case only with the small entry cache.

> I've seen this happen before; I think gdb is not restoring state
> properly, or is causing some syscall to return with EINTR, or something
> similar. Not really sure if it's a gdb bug or a libpthread bug.

Anyway, we have to explain the original potential deadlock situation because
slapd ran without gdb by that point.
Also, as I told you in a separate mail, I was able to observe a very similar
ei cache behavior without this debugger weirdness.

- Jong-Hyuk