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Re: supporting range retrieval (ITS#3193)

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> Comments noted, I'll keep it as a private patch (see attached FYI).
> Note that in our implementation we don't actually impose any limits
> on number of values returned - I agree that imposing an "optional"
> extension on clients is bad.
> However, we need to deal with clients, such as the Active Directory
> Users & Computers snap-in, that request "member;range=0-*" instead
> of just "member".
> So, our implementation (which only works on linked attributes; it is
> implemented within the LinkEngine presented at ODD Wien) will honor
> client requests for a specific range but not return a range option
> if the client did not ask for it.

Things like this could be made a bit more general by defining
some layer BEFORE the protocol gets parsed.  As such,
non-standard protocols would be caught, turned into standard,
and the non-standard extensions appended to the packet to be
interpreted later by those layers that are able to do it.

I don't thing this is worth the effort, but in case...


Pierangelo Masarati

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