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Re: 'Implementation Specific Error' crashes LDAP (ITS#3197)

> My guess is that my database is corrupt somehow, although "db_recover -v"
> doesn't seem to give any errors.  This system is *not* our primary system,
> although it would be helpful to know why this error is occuring.

> bdb(dc=wfu,dc=edu): Locker does not exist
> bdb_cache_entry_db_lock: entry dc=wfu,dc=edu, rw 0, rc 22
> send_ldap_result: conn=0 op=1 p=3
> send_ldap_result: err=80 matched="" text="internal error"
> send_ldap_response: msgid=2 tag=101 err=80

^^^^^ the error is here; at this point, it would be nice to know what
Berkeley db version you're using.  I'm not so expert about Berkeley
details, though.

> conn=0 op=2 UNBIND
> connection_closing: readying conn=0 sd=10 for close
> connection_resched: attempting closing conn=0 sd=10
> connection_close: conn=0 sd=10
> =>ldap_back_conn_destroy: fetching conn 0
> daemon: removing 10
> conn=0 fd=10 closed
> Assertion failed: conn->c_struct_state == SLAP_C_USED, file  connection.c,
> line
> 1505
> IOT/Abort trap (core dumped)

This is a side effect that might be nice to fix, but has nothing to do
with the problem.  I think you should really try with 2.2.14 and db-4.2.52
with patches and see if it does any better.


Pierangelo Masarati

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