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Re: slapadd won't add below-root-entry (ITS#3186)


HEAD and OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_2 should now contain the fixes
for ITS#3063 and ITS#3186.  Please test.

If the new issue you note below surfaces again, yes,
please report it (separately, with backtrace).

Thanks, Kurt

At 03:48 AM 6/13/2004, leifj@it.su.se wrote:

>> Well, while cleaning up some loose ends for ITS#3063, this bug has been 
>> fixed as well. The entry with empty DN is now silently ignored, fix is 
>> in CVS HEAD, current revisions of back-bdb/cache.c, search.c, and tools.c.
>Hmm, I actually found another empty-DN-related bug (I believe) which
>causes the server to segfault. Using the ldif in ITS#3186 I run a
>ldapsearch -x -h localhost -b '' -s one 'objectClass=*' which gets
>me this (with max debugging):
>conn=0 op=1 SRCH base="" scope=1 deref=0 filter="(objectClass=*)"
>==> limits_get: conn=0 op=1 dn="[anonymous]"
><== limits_get: type=DN match=ANONYMOUS
>=> bdb_search
>search_candidates: base="(null)" (0x00000001) scope=1
>=> bdb_dn2idl( "(null)" )
>Segmentation fault
>Is this also fixed or should I run gdb and report it?
>        MVH leifj