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Re: test020-proxycache segfaults (ITS#3180)

Jong-Hyuk wrote:

> I committed a patch a minute ago.... please test in your setup.

>>This appears to be caused by a patch for ITS#3133 in slapd/ctxcsn.c. I
>>think adding a check in front like this
>>   if (!op->o_bd->be_pending_csn_list) return;
>>may fix it. If we require the be_pending_csn_list pointer to be
>>populated, there are several overlays that use dummy backend structures
>>that will need to be updated. Jong?

> Howard, I think the second one is the right approach because the
> be_pending_csn_list needs to be maintained also for the backend used for the
> proxy cache. Are there more overlays that use dummy backend structures ?

Actually I think we're OK, the other overlays I was thinking of use 
dummies for back-ldap so it won't be an issue there (e.g. chain.c).
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