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Relocation support for SASL and TLS build dependencies (ITS#3174)

Full_Name: Steve Hole
Version: 2.1.30
OS: Linux, Solaris, AIX
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

The set of configure build options available via configure doesn't support
relocation of the cyrus-sasl or the openssl libraries.   If you are trying to
build openldap against fixed versions of these libraries (rather than
"installed" versions) provided on the local operating system, there is no way to
redirect the location of the libraries.   On Solaris the features get disabled
because the libraries are not in the "standard" place (as defined by the
openldap config no less).   On Linux it picks them up, but they are not the
versions that we want to build with.

For people just trying to build openldap to be installed locally I can see how
the current behaviour works fine.   If you are building openldap as part of a
larger software package, you need the finer grained control over which specific
versions of the dependencies are used.

I recommend that the --with-cyrus-sasl flag be extended to also support
specification of the cyrus-sasl directory.   I recommend that the TLS support be
extended to support specification of the openssl directory.