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Re: patch to disable SLP registration from commandline (ITS#3132)

> But wouldn't it then be easier to switch to getopt_long(3) allowing long
> option names, and just use "--slp={ON|off}" or "--slp-urls=<URLs>" ?
> Is there anything speaking against it (apart of the fact that the code
> isn't there yet) ?

It's not portable, so we need to implement our own (at least as a safe
replacement).  Also, "long" options are not much standard; many software
allow (I should say require) long options with just one dash ('-') and
this makes their use a bit confusing with the (misleading as well) habit
to group options that do not require an argument.

Apart from this, I have no objection, except that I don't like them very


Pierangelo Masarati

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