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Re: adding entry, indexing takes too long (ITS#3081)

Thanks for the followup.  As I don't see anything that indicates the
behavior you see is due to a bug in OpenLDAP Software, I will leave
this issue closed.

I note that it is not expected that these macros be changed by
the user in order for the server to behave as intended.  In this
context (a bug report), we need to determine whether the behavior
you see is due to a bug in OpenLDAP Software or due to something
else (a bug in some other software, a problem with your configuration,
a problem with your system, etc.).  I see no indication that
its the former.


At 07:45 AM 5/12/2004, jmcclure@lucent.com wrote:
>Followup information...
>Upgraded to OpenLDAP 2.1.29 and Berkeley DB 4.2.52.  Still experiencing LDAP add operation timeouts, however, fewer occurrances over the same time period.  Again, no errors/warnings reported by slapd.  With the exact same behavior seen with the prior versions of software, I am assuming that the issue is still basically that the indexing of a new entry taking too long.
>With indexing a possible issue, I have posted to the software list to get information about the configured sizes for the following directives:
>#define BDB_IDL_DB_SIZE     (1<<16) /* 64K IDL on disk */
>#define BDB_IDL_UM_SIZE     (1<<17) /* 128K IDL in memory */
>What these values mean to indexing, and should they be tuned for my particular large DB deployment.