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Re: add,modify rules not consistent (ITS#3138)

When I extend test004-modify to issue the following

dn: ou=People,o=University of Michigan,c=US
replace: cn
cn:: bWFqb3Ig
cn:: IG1ham9y

it fails as expected with:
ldap_modify: Type or value exists (20)
    additional info: cn: value #0 provided more than once

At 05:03 PM 5/10/2004, quanah@stanford.edu wrote:
>> Did the client specify any controls?
>As in?

In particular, the permissive modify control.  But I'm
interested in any.

Also, I assume you haven't mucked with the built-in schema.
If CN were to no longer have the intended equality matching
rule, all bets are off.

Can you log the request PDU sent your client and provide