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RE: Article about OpenLDAP Proxy Server (ITS#3130)

At 12:14 PM 5/4/2004, hyc@highlandsun.com wrote:
>I take it this article has already been published?

That's my understanding.

>If not, I have a few comments:
>re: saving your configure command in a shell script, I guess that's a useful
>thing to do, but note that there is already a generated config.status file
>that shows your configuration options and all the results of such.
>I don't see the logical path from "being able to define multiple backends" to
>"load balancing." Splitting a database into separate parts does not imply
>what is commonly thought of as load balancing. Spreading identical copies of
>a database across multiple servers accomplishes that.
>Describing the LDAP server as logically consisting of only two parts
>(frontend and backend) is misleading, especially when you then go on to
>introduce the proxy cache which is definitely neither front nor back. Perhaps
>qualifying it as "mainly two parts, with notable extensions in 2.2.x" would
>have been better.
>re: Installing the server, I'd just like to point out that Symas provides
>tested, certified packaged binaries of OpenLDAP for all the major Unix
>platforms, Linux, and also Windows. The fact that they're created by someone
>who knows how everything is *supposed* to work gives a level of certainty
>that no one else can offer: No dependency clashes, no version conflicts, no
>miscompiled dependent libraries, It Just Works.
>re: the configure options - note that as of OpenLDAP 2.2.9 the configure
>option for overlays changed to use the --enable-XXX syntax instead
>of --with-XXX.
>re: chaining - it seems pointless to say "one reason for partitioning may be
>to improve performance" without mentioning how performance may be improved.
>To my mind, partitioning always decreases performance; it's only done as a
>last resort when a database has grown too big to live in one space. If you're
>going to allude to performance improvements, you should provide more support
>for such a statement.
>Also, listing 6 is unusable without the addition of "subordinate" keywords on
>the first two database clauses.
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